TICKET FAQ from Youmeki

This is the official ticket policy for the Youmeki 2018.

Youmeki 2018 is an all ages event.

You can purchase tickets here.Youmeki tickets

Our desire is for all participants of Youmeki to arrive on Friday and stay with us through the entire weekend.

We look forward to experiencing your unique contribution to our Tribal Gathering!

Ticket on Sale Date
Ticket will go on sale Jan. 1, 2018

Where Can I buy tickets?
Tickets can be purchased on-line through this LINK.

Tickets Prices

• Tier 1 – 200 @ $60 or ends Jan 15
• Tier 2 – 100 @ $75 or ends April 1th
• Tier 3 – 200 @ $85
• At the Gate – $150 / Tickets may not be available at the gate.
• Children (<12) Free*
*If a participant is aged 12 or under on the first day of the event the ticket is free. A parent or guardian must accompany the minor and will register at the gate to get matching wristbands and pictures.

RV and Travel Trailers Pass – $40 includes electricity

Art Sponsor – $200 Pre – April 1, 2018. Then goes up to $250
This package will include 1 ticket and one deluxe RV pass or RV location of your choosing. Other perks to be announced.
$125 of every Art Sponsors donation will go directly into an art project for the 2018 Youmeki gathering.

Scholarships Tickets
Scholarship tickets are set aside for those who are financially challenged yet still desire to attend the gathering.
Scholarship Details and Application Here


Ticket Details

  • All ticket sales are final and there are no refunds rain or shine.
  • All participants must check-in with valid ID and ticket at event Box Office to receive a gathering wristband before entering the venue.
  • All participants must turn in a signed copy of the Release and Hold Harmless Agreement. You can download one here and have it signed and ready at the gate. UPLOAD AGREEMENT
  • Children (ages < 17) must be with a parent or legal guardian.
  • There are no day passes. No discounts available for Single Day attendees. No exceptions.
  • Tickets can only be used once.
  • Re-entry into the event is discouraged


Gate / Box Office Sales

  • If there are still tickets available, you will be able to purchase tickets at the gate for $150.00

Gate / Box Office Hours

  • Friday & Saturday 9 AM – 8 PM.
  • No admittance when Gate is not open


Ticket Transfers

  • All tickets, except Scholarship tickets, can be given away or sold at cost or lower.
  • You can transfer your ticket to another person by sending a request to tickets@youmeki.com.
  • Let us know your name and the name of the person who you’re transferring the ticket to.
  • You will receive an email confirmation which you will need to reply to.
  • The name is important as it allows you to get in with your photo ID if you forget your tickets.

Note To Scalpers

  • Any scalping, i.e. reselling of tickets at higher than face value (or attempting to do so) is prohibited and may result in the cancellation of the ticket(s) purchased without any refund or compensation and/or the ticket holder being refused entry or be removed from the venue.
  • In addition, any person who is found gatecrashing the event will be put on a list and banned from future Spark events.
    Any removal from this list will be solely at the discretion of Spark.


Entering the Gathering

  • Everyone entering the venue must have photo ID, a ticket and a signed copy of the Release and Hold Harmless Agreement.
  • All Gathering attendees will be given and must, at all times, wear a Gathering wristband.
  • If you will be arriving with a minor you must be their parent or legal guardian. You must be able to provide Valid ID to enter the venue.
  • Vehicles will be checked for stowaways. If found, every person in the vehicle will have their tickets invalidated**
  • Any person entering or exiting the venue is consenting to an inspection of all vehicles, trailers, bags, and gear by Gate staff. This is for the safety and protection of all participants, to ensure that only ticketed guests enter the premises and to prevent impaired drivers from leaving the venue.
  • Gathering organizers reserve the right to prevent entry or to remove any participant for any reason including not honoring guidelines or inappropriate behavior. No refunds will be issued.


Gathering Wristbands

  • Wristbands must be worn at all times during the gathering.
  • Sacramento Valley Spark or Blue Mountain Event Center is not responsible for lost, stolen, counterfeit, or forgotten tickets or wristbands. If you lose it, you are required to purchase a new wristband for $150. No exceptions.
  • Wristbands are non-transferable.
  • Wristbands that have been cut or tampered with are VOID and will not be replaced. Anyone found with such a wristband can be subject to trespassing fines and will be immediately removed from the gathering grounds.


When Entering The Gathering, You Agree…

  • Bring enough food, water, shelter, and first aid to survive several days in a forest environment.
  • Not bring animals, firearms, fireworks, rockets, and other explosives into the event. These items are prohibited.
  • Abide by ALL rules of the gathering and follow federal, state, and local laws.
  • LEAVE NO TRACE: We are serious about this; you pack it IN, you pack it OUT. This includes your cigarette butts!
  • You will follow the 10 principles found here.
  • Contribute 2 hours of event cleanup in addition to your own camp during and before leaving the venue. Thank you in advance for this important and highly valued policy in our community.


Before & After Gathering Attendance

  • Early Enter – Theme Camps, Large Art Structures, and the Support Team who are assisting in setting up & taking down the gathering will be allowed early access to the venue at 9 am May 3, 2018. These participants MUST be registered.
  • Anyone entering the venue early will be required to show photo ID, proof of purchase of a ticket and turn in a signed copy of the Release and Hold Harmless Agreement. They will then receive and be required to wear your gathering wristband.
  • All individuals arriving early or staying late must adhere to all Spark and Blue Mt. Event Center policies while on the property. Any violation of these guidelines will be cause for your immediate ejection from the property and from the venue, no refund.
  • After Gathering – Youmeki 2018 ends Sunday at 1 pm. All participants must leave the venue by 5 PM on Sunday.
  • Only Breakdown Support Team Members are allowed on venue grounds after 5 PM on Sunday.


Captured Images Release

  • Your image may be captured on film, video, or photographs without your consent and without compensation.
  • You hereby appoint Sacramento Valley Spark, as your representative to protect your intellectual property or privacy rights, recognizing that Sacramento Valley Spark, has no obligation to take any such action.
  • Use other than personal use of images from Youmeki 2018, is prohibited without prior written consent from Sacramento Valley Spark.


In The Unlikely Event, The Gathering Is Altered, Rescheduled or Cancelled

  • Youmeki 2018 will take place RAIN or SHINE. (Extreme weather or conditions may cause the cancellation of portions of or the entire event. Gathering organizers reserve the right to alter the event parameters to ensure Gathering participants’ safety due to weather or conditions.)
  • Your purchase of ticket(s) is subject to our right to alter or vary the program due to events or circumstances beyond our reasonable control; including but not limited to extreme weather, acts of nature, governmental regulation, fires or conditions beyond our control. And in such circumstances, we shall not be obligated to refund ticket(s) monies or exchange your ticket(s).
  • If the Gathering is canceled, we will notify you as soon as reasonably possible of all details of any rescheduling details.
  • If the Gathering is to be rescheduled, you will be offered a ticket for the rescheduled performance of the Gathering (subject to availability).
  • Your ticket is a revocable license that may be revoked by Gathering organizers for any reason. Neither Sacramento Valley Spark or Blue Mountain Event Center is not liable for acts of God, or actions taken by government agencies.


Liability Waiver

  • Everyone must turn in a signed Release and Hold Harmless Agreement before entering the venue.
  • The ticket purchaser or holder (“YOU”) voluntarily assumes all risk of property loss or damage, personal or bodily injury, serious injury or death, which may occur by attending Youmeki. You hereby forever release, discharge, and shall hold Blue Mountain Event Center, Sacramento Valley Spark and its Support Team Members harmless from any claims arising from such risk even if caused by the negligent act, error, or omission of Blue Mountain Event Center, Sacramento Valley Spark, or its officers, directors, employees, contractors, agents, volunteers, or representatives.
  • Art installations, theme camps, vehicles at the event (e.g. mutant vehicles or art cars), and performances are not owned or operated by Blue Mountain Event Center or Sacramento Valley Spark, and you hereby voluntarily assume all risk of injury or death arising from their operation. Respect the fires or fire and maintain a safe distance from the time they are lit until their coals are cool.
  • Children under 18 years of age can attend the event only accompanied at all times by a parent, legal guardian, or other responsible party; any persons bringing a child to the event agrees on behalf of the child to the contractual terms of the ticket and acknowledges that they have made a choice that the child may be exposed to expressive activities and dress at the event.


** Note To Gatecrashers
Spark has a zero-tolerance policy against people attempting to sneak into the event.
Spark is our Tribe and Community.
Crashing the gate is stealing from the Community.
Non-ticketed participants are not covered by event insurance and put the future of this and similar events in jeopardy.

  • Any individual(s) caught attempting to crash the gate will be immediately removed from the gathering, are subject to trespassing fines and may be turned over to local authorities.
  • Any vehicle of any kind (including trailers) found to have a non-ticketed passenger will have all passengers tickets revoked and denied access to or removed from the venue.
  • In addition, any person who is found gatecrashing the event will be put on a list and banned from future Spark events. Any removal from this list will be solely at the discretion of the Spark.


Use of your ticket and entering the event grounds before, during and after the event confirms your agreement to all of the above terms.

Updated 12-31-2017