Scholarship Tickets
Scholarship tickets are set aside for those who are financially challenged yet still desire to join our gathering.
Scholarships are based on your submission piece and the quality of your application. This does not mean that you have to be master sculptor or painter – but you do have to put some heart and soul into your submission.

Scholarship Ticket Prices:
Scholarship tickets are $20. This is to cover our gate cost.

Scholarship tickets are non-transferable or refundable.

Scholarships Applications Start:
We will begin taking applications for Scholarship Tickets on Jan. 1, 2018 and will be on a first-come, first qualify basis. We will be reviewing applications periodically, and awarding tickets until they are gone. Allow 2-3 weeks for us to reply.

To Apply:
Fill out the information form below and present your Submission Piece.
Submission Piece – We want to know what does “Tribe” mean to you. Express it in a piece of art.
We are open to just about any presentation format for your submission piece. However, please try to create something that can be read or watched in 3 minutes or less. Your submission piece can be anything that shows us your passion and desire to participate in YOUMEKI!

For example:

  • A piece of art and anything you create is art.
  • A video of a performance, a speech, a piece of art.
  • A slideshow on PowerPoint
  • An essay, poem, song, or writings.
  • If your submission piece is a physical piece of art, please contact to arrange something with our Scholarship team.

If your submission piece is in digital format, please put it on Google Drive or Dropbox and submit the link to

Scholarships will be awarded upon acceptance by our scholarship team or by March 15th.

At the conclusion of the event, your final requirement for the Scholarship Ticket is to send an email to about your experience, what you learned, and how you participated. You can send a video or use any other reasonable medium. We may use your comments in our after-gathering report.

Scholarship Application

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